About The School

Founded in 1879, this unique Church of Ireland school is situated on the corner of Carysfort Avenue and Stillorgan Park. A much needed extension to the school was built in 1993, and was opened by the Minister for Education on 18 June 1993. The school caters for approximately 55 pupils between the ages of four and twelve.

Being small in numbers is a great bonus for many reasons, the principle one being that we can afford to be as child-centred as is humanly possible. In school, the children grow up, develop and integrate in small units. This is more natural and less intimidating. Thus children develop great friendships and gain a real affection for school.

Furthermore, there is a much more personal tie and bond between child and teacher, enabling the instilling of a love of learning and the acquisition of the attributes for care, consideration and respect for others.


School Ethos and Philosophy

All Saints’ National School is a three-teacher school under Church of Ireland management, which caters for the full range of ages represented by primary education.

The children are taught the importance and value of truth, honesty, hard work and of being a caring and contributing member of society.

In this environment of respect, children learn to speak out confidently, treat others with courtesy, listen to the opinions of others and form and express their own, as they learn to become positive and individual in their thinking.

The school is a community where the traditions and teaching of the Church of Ireland inform the position adopted on moral issues.