Board of Management

The Board of Management are a dedicated group of volunteers who work with staff, pupils and families to make the school experience happy, inclusive and productive for the school community. The Board has overall responsibility for the school, including finance, maintenance, staffing and the development of the school plan and policies. The Board comprises of two direct nominees of the Patron, two elected parents (a mother and a father), the Principal and one other teacher on the staff elected by vote of the teaching staff and two extra members proposed by these nominees. The Patron appoints the Chairperson of the Board. The term of office for the Board of Management is four years.


Our current Board Members:   

The Board comprises 8 people as follows:

  1. Ian Gallagher (Chairperson)
  2. Andrea Black
  3. June Bow
  4. Robert Lambert
  5. Clare MacManus
  6. Joanne McFadden
  7. Catherine Orr
  8. Tim O’Sullivan

board pic